Album 'Live in Shenzhen 2017' coming soon...

I'm delighted to announce that my album 'Child of Mind: Live in Shenzhen 2017' is set to be released on 13.07.2018 with pre-orders possible from 15.06.2018. The record will be available to download and stream from all major online outlets. 

This has been a big project and I've not only been working on the digital release but also a DVD and CD version as well (initially exclusive to China). This means the whole process has taken a while and been a lot of work but the finish line is finally in sight :-) 

In the run up to the release I'll be posting some tasters online including some of the videos from the concert.

Here are the first bits for you to enjoy...

Pig Eyed Blue - Child of Mind Live in Shenzhen 2017

Child of Mind - Lay Me Down Live in Shenzhen 2017 (Audio Only)