Child of Mind 'Live in Shenzhen 2017' released today

The countdown is finally over! My live record from the concert in Shenzhen last year has been released today and is available from all major download and streaming sites. It's been a pleasure working with everyone involved and I'm delighted to get to this point. 

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Have a great weekend and enjoy the music!   

Album 'Live in Shenzhen 2017' coming soon...

I'm delighted to announce that my album 'Child of Mind: Live in Shenzhen 2017' is set to be released on 13.07.2018 with pre-orders possible from 15.06.2018. The record will be available to download and stream from all major online outlets. 

This has been a big project and I've not only been working on the digital release but also a DVD and CD version as well (initially exclusive to China). This means the whole process has taken a while and been a lot of work but the finish line is finally in sight :-) 

In the run up to the release I'll be posting some tasters online including some of the videos from the concert.

Here are the first bits for you to enjoy...

Pig Eyed Blue - Child of Mind Live in Shenzhen 2017

Child of Mind - Lay Me Down Live in Shenzhen 2017 (Audio Only)

Update and EP release

A lot has been going on over the past year and as 2017 is coming to an end I thought it's time to get an update on here.

It was a big year for Child of Mind. In the summer I spent around 3 weeks on tour in China visiting Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and many other interesting cities. It was also my first ever tour with my project Child of Mind and I introduced a lot of new, never before heard music. All in all, we had a lot of fun and it was a great privilege to be invited to play my music on the other side of the planet :-)

We recorded the concert in Shenzhen and we're currently working on a DVD and CD from the concert. I'll probably have some previews online in the early new year and the release will hopefully be sometime around April or May but I'll follow up with more news on that closer to the time.
Below are some pictures from the tour:

I am also delighted to announce that I'm releasing an EP tomorrow. It's an intimate, acoustic record which I've been sitting on for a while. I've been working on other things and focusing more on getting the tracks recorded with a bigger, more full-band sound but I was listening back to this recently and I really liked it. I think it has a nice vibe. It is what it is. It's not trying to be a big, extravagant record, it is simply an intimate, one-take, live performance kind of record and I think that it's nice to hear the songs in that way as well. That doesn't mean I don't want to release an EP with a full band at some point as well though :-) 

Wanna get your hands on the new EP? Then click on the button below :-)

And here is a free taster of the EP:

Well that's enough for now :-) I hope you all enjoy the holiday season and are able to spend time in peace with those you love.

China tour is well under way...

I'm pleased to say that despite the postponing of the first couple of concerts, we are now back on track with the 2017 China tour. 

The schedule is intensive but it's a great pleasure to be able to see so much of this huge and fascinating country. 

We had a great time in Nanjing and Wuhan and I'm now looking forward to tonight's concert in Chongqing! 

After soundcheck I just have time to get a couple of pictures before the doors open... 

After soundcheck I just have time to get a couple of pictures before the doors open... 

Our home on the stage...

Our home on the stage...

My hotel room came with quite the view...

My hotel room came with quite the view...

On stage in Nanjing...

On stage in Nanjing...

Which song shall we do next?

Which song shall we do next?

Big things on the way

I thought I'd post my latest email newsletter here...for those who missed it.

Some exciting things of the way!

Hello everyone,


How nice it is that summer is finally here. Aren’t long warm days just wonderful? I find I get much more done through the summer.


I’ve always said that Child of Mind is a many faced project and aside from music and other areas of art, there is something big I’ve been working on the past five months. In February my partner and I bought a van. Just a standard, big, empty, white van. And since then we’ve spent day and night converting it in to a camper van. It’s been HARD work and has at times felt like it would never be over. At times it felt like the whole idea was ridiculous and we were destined for failure but it was our dream, our mission to see the van converted in to a cosy and lovely camper and we’re almost there. Not many people thought we would manage it, most people thought we were mad but the finish line is finally in sight.


We will be travelling all around Europe, taking part in various voluntary work projects, exploring all the sights, sounds and smells we can and I’ll be trying to play music in as many places as possible. I’m hoping to make small films, mini documentaries and lots of blog posts along the way as well.  Consider it the ‘Traveller's diaries’. My website will probably be updated over the next few months to accommodate for the ‘On the road’ section so keep a look out for that. We won’t be heading off till September but the big day will be round before we know it.


As an independent artist however, it’s difficult to achieve all the things I’m planning. I’m funding all of my creative output myself and this is something that’s very difficult to sustain. Over the past few years there has been an explosion internationally of crowdfunding being used as a way to fund all sorts of creative projects, from independent journalism, to concerts, to album productions or charity and humanitarian projects. There are so many examples of people coming together to make a project happen and I believe it to be really direct and pure. Many artists for example who may have had to change or give up their creative vision, were able to keep creative freedom through crowdfunding. I’m looking at crowdfunding as a way of moving forward with the things I’m planning, including the ‘reporting’ while travelling, whether that be a full on crowdfunding campaign or a kind of subscription or donation style setup for regular content. 


While I’m working on those ideas and more ‘long term’ plans I’ve set up a donation button under my blog posts where, if you wish, you can make a donation to help directly support what I’m doing and help it to grow. The donations will help me to continue working on music, creating videos and writing various blog posts. Ultimately they’ll help me to keep expanding my creative output. If you enjoy what I put out, whether that be music or blog articles/videos etc, and want to support the growth of that by making a regular donation then needless to say, I really appreciate it!


The next blog post should be up soon but for those of you who missed the last one you can check it out here:


And finally I just want to say I had a great time at the Fiuggi Film Festival. I met some really interesting people and had some very inspiring conversations. Over the coming weeks I may even have some videos from my performance….

But more on that soon :-) 


Keep well and be brave!


Child of Mind


Studio updates

I've had some great fun over the past few months working in the studio. Along the way there have been updates on my Facebook page but I wanted to collect it all and bring it together in a blog post. I'm currently working on two different EPs. One being a live and intimate style EP and one is full-on 'big production' record. All the recording, mixing and mastering is done for the intimate EP and the release is just being planned now. The 'big production' EP is taking a little longer because, well, it's a big production. I have the foundations in place for all the tracks now, bass, drums, acoustic guitar and vocals are all recorded and now I have to get the horns, strings, keyboards, 2nd guitars parts, percussion etc recorded. It's a big project but it's so much fun and I'm looking forward to completing it and being able to listen back to everything as a finished record. 

Here are some video tasters & pictures from the recent studio work...



Welcome to the official Child of Mind website. This website will evolve and grow as time goes on so stay tuned for all the updates. I'm really pleased to have the site up and running and although news is also posted on the social media pages the website will be the main hub for everything...For the blog, store, gig calendar, news etc. 

Keep well and have a great weekend!